Friday, May 9, 2008

So Long, FEDBU Stadium.

The Tribe made their last regular season trip to FEDBU Stadium a memorable one, winning a three-game series (and the season series) against the FEDBU. Among the memorable events:
  • A come-from-behind victory against the overhyped Joba Chamberlain capped by a three-run home run by David Dellucci, after which young Joba was seen moping dramatically with a towel over his head in the FEDBU dugout. Apparently, there was a ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal in the dugout that Joba needed to hide from and Joba was just being a hoopy frood who always knows where his towel is. These were the first runs given up by the young future HOF'er in FEDBU Stadium in his entire HOF career in the building - 15 innings worth.
  • In a much overhyped pitching "battle of the unbeatens", Cliff Lee's Beta Unit shut out the FEDBU and Chien-Ming Wang. The real Cliff Lee remains off-planet, defending the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.
  • Andy Marte played in back to back games for the first time this season, starting the first two games of the series and getting his second hit of the season, scoring a run and generally playing nifty defense. The Indians won both games. The Indians are now 6-2 in games in which Andy Marte plays. Coincidence? However, with the bases loaded in the second game and 1 out, with the Tribe ahead 3-0, Wedge pinch-hit Pronk for Marte. Pronk proceeded to hit a double play dribbler that ended the threat. I guess I see both sides of this - Wedge was making the standard lefty-righty late game substitution. By most standards, this was the kind of typical baseball move that managers make all the time. However, it was just another in a continuing series of examples dating back to Marte's September callup in 2006 and proceeding through the numerous bunt orders this season that indicates that management has no cofidence that Marte can produce in clutch situations. We don't know whether he can because he's been given the chance so few times.
  • The Indians version of Age and Treachery lost to the FEDBU version (Mike Mussina) in the last game of the series, primarily by not keeping the ball in the ballpark. Jason Giambi, whose career has declined to the point where he can pretty much only hit soft-tossers, hit a home run, as did Johnny Damon, Robinson Cano and Wilson Betemit. Pretty much the complete list of struggling FEDBU hitters were able to get well against Age and Treachery.
  • During game 3 of this series, future HOFer Joba Chamberlain came out to work the 8th with the FEDBU ahead 6-3. He closed the inning by striking out David Dellucci and celebrating as if he'd just won the seventh game of the World Series. When asked about it later, Chamberlain said "That's who I am. Everybody knows that." Because his 38.1 regular season major league innings have made him known to the great American baseball public, who expect him to roll that way. When asked, David Dellucci had this to say: "It is what it is," he said. "If he wants to yell and scream after a strikeout, I guess that's what gets him going. It's May baseball. The home run was in a much bigger situation. I didn't dance and scream. If a hitter did something like that, it would be bush. It's kind of interesting how a pitcher gets away with it." I like David Dellucci more and more every day.
  • The Indians now have a 4-6-2 record in series' this year and are 16-18 on the season. Amazingly, this is only 1.5 games back of the division leading Minnesota Twins. (I never thought I'd be typing the phrase "division leading Minnesota Twins" in May.) They start a 7-game homestand tonight against the Blue Jays.
  • J-Mike is now a teammate of J-Bay. The Tribe traded him to the Pirates for a PTBNL. By most accounts, it looks like the Tribe is eating most of J-Mike's salary, so they may get a decent prospect back in this trade.

Mojo Watch

Cliff Lee: Full Elvis for Clifton.

David Dellucci: Elvisness for being clutch and for being old school.

Andy Marte: I'm giving Marte some Elvis for playing two in a row and looking like a major league third baseman in the process.

Fausto Carmona: His ERA is low. His WHIP is high. He's killing me in my fantasy leagues with his insane walk rate. Imagine how well he could be pitching if he could find the plate consistently.

Pronk: Right now, Pronk is Michael J. Fox -he's got no Elvis. His mojo is completely AWOL. I'm thinking that it's time for the Hello Kitty armband.

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