Sunday, May 4, 2008


The bad news: The Indians just got swept this weekend, at home, by the Royals.

The good news: One of the games was rained out, so it was only a two-game sweep.

Let's go to the checklist:

  • Excellent starting pitching wasted? Check
  • Closer gives up a home run? Check
  • Fielding errors gives up costly runs? Check - this time it was Casey Blake (Sunday) and Franklin Gutierrez (Saturday)
  • Failure to pound second- or third-rate opposition pitching? Check
  • No sight of Andy Marte? Check
  • 8 total hits in two games? Check

Right now, the Indians are a mediocre team. Something has to change to shake this team up before some other team gets hot and puts the whole division in a deep, deep hole. They can't keep wasting good starting pitching like this.

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