Friday, January 11, 2008

So Long Jacobs Field, Hello Progressive Field

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Indians have called a press conference today to announce that the naming rights to Jacobs Field have been secured by Cleveland area insurance company Progressive Insurance. The park is expected to be known as Progressive Field.

It was bound to happen.

Few people remember that the Tribe tried to sell the naming rights when the park opened, and couldn't find a corporate taker, so then-owner Richard Jacobs bought the naming rights and named the park after himself. So, really, "Jacobs Field" was just as bought and paid for as Progressive Field or PNC Park - it just didn't sound corporate. These rights expired in 2006 and the Tribe has been looking for a new name sponsor for the last year or so.

It is most likely that Clevelanders will be slow to adjust to the new name, as most Clevelanders still refer to Quicken Loans Arena (aka "The Q") as Gund Arena.

Short nickname? Probably "The Prog," though I propose TAFFKAJ (The Athletic Field Formerly Known as Jacobs).